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Contransus™ Translation Project

The "Contransus" (源译识) Translation Project, initiated by the OpenAtom Foundation, aims to build open source consensus via translation, in the hope of developing a widerly-shared open source ecosystem. This project is launched to promote better understanding of open source by offering professionally-reviewed, publicly available and community-oriented translations of various open source resources, primarily into Chinese. The project focuses on not only translation of open-source licenses, but also of open-source-related judgments, books, key reports, etc.

Through the Project Repository, you are warmly welcome to participate in the Contransus Project by using approved translations, filing your translation, sharing your opinion on any translation texts, as well as recommending useful resources and expert in open source domain.

If you have any feedback or suggestions, please feel free to contact us via

Translations of Open Source License

The open source license section are open to community for contributions and discussions. Aiming to provide a permanent and reliable Chinese translation of open-source licenses that is accessible to everyone, we established a Review Panel of experts in regard to both open source and languages, including Professor ZHOU Minghui (leading professor of OSI-approved Mulan PSLv2, etc.), WEI Sir (translator of OS licenses), SHEN Fen (top open source legal counsel from Huawei and a recognized legal expert in OS community), Professor SONG Lei (the chief editor of the English-Chinese Dictionary of Law Terms), and Professor XU Meiling (assistant professor from UIBE). The panel has been working collaboratively in reviewing and revising candidate translation texts line by line to develop a finalized version of translation. To contribute translations of open-source licenses, please visit the License Translation Repository or submit your translation directly to

  • ZHOU Minghui


    ZHOU Minghui

  • WEI Sir


    WEI Sir

  • SHEN Fen


    SHEN Fen

  • SONG Lei


    SONG Lei

  • XU Meiling

    Assistant Professor

    XU Meiling

As of now, the following open source license translations have been reviewed by the experts and publicly available:

  • [EN to CN] MIT License
  • [EN to CN] The 3-Clause BSD License
  • [EN to CN] Apache License, Version 2.0

Open-source licenses currently under review include:

  • [EN to CN] GNU GPL V3

We extend our sincere gratitude to 13 translators: Lotus、Vanessa、Peaksol、野行僧、迷糊、赵振华、Sikkim、Sara、OliviaCat、欧轩琦、KUMA、Leo、Fenju (listed by order of first submission).

Translations of Open-source related Judgment

The open-source-related judicial decision section tracks highlighted and recent cases in global open-source community. We invite expert translators to prepare translations of court judgments, conduct reviews, and engage expert evaluations. The resulting reference translations are made publicly available to facilitate comparative analyses and in-depth discussions of open-source-related judicial perspectives across different jurisdictions.

Currently, we have published the following translated legal cases:

  • [EN to CN] SCO Group, Inc. v. International Business Machines Corp., Appeal Judgment (2018)
  • [EN to CN] Google LLC v. Oracle America, Inc., Final Judgment (2021)
  • [EN to CN] Neo4j, Inc. v. PureThink, LLC, First Instance judgment (2021) & Appeal Judgment (2022)
  • [CN to EN] Copyright Infringement Dispute involving Jining Luohe Network Technology Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Wanyou Network Technology Co., Ltd., First Instance Judgment (2021)
  • [EN to CN] XimpleWare, Inc. v. Versata Software, Inc. et al, First Instance Judgment (2014)

We are currently working on translating the following judgments from various jurisdictions:

  • [FR to CN] Cour de cassation, arrêt du 5 octobre 2022, pourvoi_n°21-15.386, Entr’ouvert / Orange et Orange Applications for Business
  • [DE to CN] OLGKarlsruhe, Urteil vom 27.01.2021 - 6 U 60/20
  • [EN to CN] Elasticsearch. Inc., et al v., Inc, First Instance Judgment (2019), settlement order (2021)

We extend our sincere gratitude to the translators and reviewers of this section: CHEN Wen, GUO Xuewen, KUANG Yuyan, LIU Boya, LIU Wei, SHEN Wenqi, TANG Yue, WANG Heshu, XUE Yangjie, ZHANG Subing (listed in alphabetical order).

Translations of Books

The book section primarily focuses on classic, practical, useful and authoritative books regarding open source, especially the open-source legal theory and intellectual property licenses. Currently, the project has published the following book(s):

Book(s) currently under translation include:

  • [EN to CN] Copyleft and the GNU General Public License: A Comprehensive Tutorial and Guide

Translations of Key Reports

The open-source-related key studies section primarily involves research reports, white-papers, and other relevant materials officially released by open source organizations.

We have several reports currently in progress for translation.Presently, the project has translated and published the following report(s):

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the translators and reviewers of this section: DOU Xiaobo, JING Wen, LIANG Tingting, WANG Lin, WANG Mingdian, YANG Chengshu, ZHANG Kangjie, and ZHAO Hailing (listed in alphabetical order).