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"PrincipOS"Public Welfare Courses

As the role of open-source in driving innovation and fostering collaboration becomes increasingly prominent, legal/compliance issues in the open-source domain are raising significant attention. To address the increasing needs for knowledge and understanding of open-soure by various groups, the OpenAtom Foundation launched the "PrincipOS" Project for public welfare courses focusing on open-source. The project aim to facilitate the understanding and paticipating of open-source for IP/legal professionals (such as in-house counsels, lawyers, etc.) and individuals interested in open-source compliance (such as developers, managers, etc.), thus empowering developers to use and release open-source code in compliance, and providing managers with a broader perspective.

The "PrincipOS" public welfare course project is a long-term project supported by the OpenAtom Foundation, with ongoing updates in terms of contents and audience. We warmly welcome anyone who possess in-depth or unique insights into open-source to join us in the project, via either self-introduction or recommandation.

Special thanks are extended to following speakers for their great support :
Deng Bo'er, Geng Hang, Gao Yang, Kang Zhengde, Kuo Si, Liu Guo, Li Siyu, Liu Wei, Li Xinbo, Li Xinzhan, Sun Zhenhua, Wang Heshu, Wang Yonglei, Xiong Lanxi, Yu Tian, Zhou Dandan, Zhang Liang, and more (listed in alphabetical order).

Please feel free to share your opinions or suggestions with us via email at !

Public Welfare Courses For Comprehensive Open-Source Knowledge System

Rich Contents Based on Seven Modules

To bridge the gaps and meet compliance needs, course contents are sectioned into seven modules, covering various aspects of open-source knowledge.

Building a Comprehensive Open-Source Knowledge System

From the origins of open-source to its legal framework, from open-source licenses to open-source risks and governance in enterprises, and from the operation of open-source communities to how to make a contribution, the courses help you to build an comprehensive open-source knowledge system.

Experts Sharing Condensed Experiences

Esteemed experts for open-source, such as open-source evangelist Kuo Si, Sun Zhenhua from TikTok, Kang Zhengde from Uniontech, Li Xinbo from JD, and Zhou Dandan from Yuntian, etc., all elaborate on condensed and practical understanding of open-source.

Direct Response to Open-source Pain Points

How do open-source communities operate? What is patents and trademarks knowledge involved in open-source? Are open-source licenses compatible? What are SCA and CI/CD? Are there any export controls related to open-source? The courses directly address the pain points in open-source domain.
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