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About Us

The OpenAtom Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the development of the global open source community. It was founded in Beijing in June 2020.

The OpenAtom Foundation is committed to being a developer-oriented open source project incubation platform as well as a technology public welfare service organization. It follows the principles of co-construction, co-governance, and sharing, systematically builds an open and collaborative framework, establishes an international open source community, facilitates industry collaboration, and empowers various industries.

Currently, the OpenAtom Foundation mainly engages in fundraising, special funding, publicity and promotion, education and training, academic exchange, international cooperation, open source ecology construction, and consulting services.

The OpenAtom Foundation focuses on promoting and protecting the development and application of open source software through public welfare activities such as the promotion of open source projects, legal assistance, fund support, technical support, and open governance. It is committed to promoting the prosperity and sustainable development of open source projects and open source ecology, and enhancing China's contribution to the global open source community.


The Board of Directors

The Board of Directors reviews and amends the bylaws of the Foundation, among other duties. The board chair, vice chairs, and secretary-general are elected and appointed from board members. The board chair is the legal representative of OpenAtom.

  • Open Source Security Committee

    Authorized by the Board of Directors, the Open Source Security Committee is responsible for the planning, coordinating and implementation of open source security-related processes, projects, tools, standards, external cooperation and other work.

  • Secretariat

    As the executive body of OpenAtom, the Secretariat manages daily operations of the Foundation, with a dedicated team providing a range of support concerning legal affairs, marketing, community operations, and infrastructure construction. It consists of nine departments:

  • Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

    As a neutral technical decision-making body, TOC is responsible for making tech-related decisions and evaluating incubation projects, among others.

  • Department of Business Development
  • Operations Department
  • Department of Legal Affairs and Intellectual Property
  • Branding Department
  • R&D Department
  • Finance Department
  • Department of General Affairs
  • Education Department
  • Research Department

Board Members

Cheng Xiaoming

Chairman, Secretary-general

Chairman of OpenAtom Foundation Master of Engineering, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology. Senior Engineer. Cheng Xiaoming has successively held positions in universities, enterprises, public institutions, central government ministries, and local governments. His past positions include Deputy Director of the General Office of Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People's Republic of China , Secretary of the Party Committee and Deputy Director of China Industrial Control Systems Cyber Emergency Response Team (CICS-CERT, also known as the First Institute of Electronics of MIIT), a member of CPC Harbin Standing Committee, Deputy Mayor of Harbin Municipal Government (on a temporary assignment), and Level I Bureau Rank Official of the General Office of MIIT.

Cheng Xiaoming
  • Zhang Shunmao

    Zhang Shunmao

    Deputy Chair

    Senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.

    Vice Dean of Huawei’s Institute of Strategic Research. Zhang Shunmao joined Huawei in 1992. As a founder of Huawei developer development strategy, Zhang Shunmao led a Program named “Loam project”, and guided Huawei in the gradual establishment of open-source communities from basic software, cloud services to toolchains. As an advocate of open source, Zhang Shunmao has been consistently promoting Huawei’s philosophy of continuous innovation and embracing open source.

  • Wang Juhong

    Wang Juhong

    Deputy Chair

    Director of Tencent Technology Committee

    Sponsor of Tencent Open Source Management Office. Since 2016, Wang Juhong has led the construction and implementation of Tencent’s technology open source system, drove nearly 300 projects to become open source within communities and facilitated donations to well-known open source foundations both domestically and internationally, and won the “Outstanding Contribution Award” for Open Source. Wang Juhong is the candidate for director nominated by Tencent (Outstanding/Platinum Donor). She served as a Deputy Chair of the OpenAtom Foundation’s first board of directors.

  • Liu Xiangwen

    Liu Xiangwen

    Deputy Chair

    Ph.D. in Electronic Information and Engineering & Vice President of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence Group

    Liu Xiangwen has long been engaged in technical strategy, industrial ecology, and marketing within the internet field. In the open source sector, she participated in the preparatory work of the Beijing Institute of Open Source Chip (BOSC) , promoted the construction of the OpenAnolis Open Source community, and the ModelScope community, and made her contribution to the prosperity of the domestic open source ecosystem.

  • Li Rui

    Li Rui

    Deputy Chair

    Chairman and President of Inspur Scientific Research Institute Co., Ltd.

    Li Rui holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Technical University of Munich, Germany. He is a member of Jinan Municipal Committee of the CPPCC and a professor of engineering. He left Siemens (German company) in 2017 to work full-time back in China. He has published more than 40 papers in the field of artificial intelligence and holds more than 100 patents. Since 2009, he has been actively involved in open source scientific research projects, consistently embracing open source.

  • Peng Jiang

    Peng Jiang


    Senior Vice President of Chinasoft International

    Peng Jiang has facilitated Chinasoft International to become a platinum donor of OpenAtom Foundation. He participated in establishing the OpenHarmony Working Committee. He led the team to deliver over 600 core technical components and capabilities, ranking first among ecosystem vendors (excluding Huawei) in code contributions. He also established the company’s Open Source Governance Office to advance open source innovation and ecosystem development, empowering digital upgrades across various industries.

  • Han Naiping

    Han Naiping


    Chief Scientist of KylinSoft Corporation

    Han Naiping has been engaged in operating systems for a long time. He has been involved in the process from the emergence and development of open source software in China, to the establishment of major open source root communities such as openEuler and openKylin over the past 30 years. He has been involved in the process from the germination and development of open source software in China to the construction of root communities such as A and B, spanning nearly 30 years.

  • Wang Chenglu

    Wang Chenglu


    CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong Digital Industry Development Co., Ltd.

    Wang Chenglu holds a Ph.D. in Engineering from Harbin Institute of Technology. He has dedicated his career to the research and development of domestic basic software technologies. He led the development of Huawei’s Harmony OS and has been awarded 17 national invention patents. Currently, as the CEO of Shenzhen Kaihong, he led the company to focus on building the OpenHarmony ecosystem and advancing core OS technologies and have contributed over 2.8 million lines of code to the OpenHarmony community.

  • Jiang Tao

    Jiang Tao


    Founder and chairman of CSDN

    Jiang Tao has served as Vice President of the China OSS Promotion Union , Executive Committee Member of the Open Source Committee of the China Computer Federation, and Deputy Secretary-General of the “Innovation China” Open Source Innovation Societies. He founded the Chinese Software Developer Network (CSDN) in 1999, the open source code hosting platform CODE in 2013, co-founded the Kaiyuanshe in 2014, and the Global Open-Source Innovation Meetup (GOSIM) in 2023.

  • Huang Dongxu

    Huang Dongxu


    Co-founder and CTO of PingCAP

    Huang Dongxu is an influential open source software writer who had been recognized by BenchCouncil in 2023 in Top 100 Open Source achievements (1960s-2021). His notable projects include TiDB, TiKV, TiFlash, Chaos Mesh, and Codis etc., with TiDB being acknowledged as a leading global open source project in the database domain.

  • Liu Wenhuan

    Liu Wenhuan


    General manager of UnionTech Software Technology Co., Ltd.

    Liu Wenhuan has been actively involved in developing information technology systems, and devoted himself to the research and application of independent operating systems. He has played a key role in establishing China’s first open source desktop OS community and the first desktop root community. Liu Wenhuan is recognized as a specialist entrepreneur in China’s operating system industry.

  • Gao Sumei

    Gao Sumei


    Secretary-general of China Federation of Electronics and Information Industry (CFEII)

    Gao Sumei specializes in industrial economics and policy research, operational analysis of the electronic information industry, and research on industry classification benchmarks, product classification standards, and methods for industrial statistics and computing. She currently manages the evaluation and certification of enterprise capabilities and facilitates platforms for enterprise exchange and cooperation.

Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

Technical Oversight Committee (TOC)

At the OpenAtom Foundation (OpenAtom), the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) provides technical guidance for the Foundation's open source projects. It undertakes duties including:

  • Providing technical vision and guidance to the Foundation from a global perspective.

  • Reviewing and approving the incubation and graduation of open source projects.

  • Delegating duties to mentors, examining and approving the list of the mentor pool.

  • Promoting cross-project collaboration to avoid redundancy and conflicts.

  • Receiving feedback from the Users' Committee to enable continuous improvement of the projects.

  • Facilitating the formation of ecological connectivity across projects.

  • Defining open source-related routine practices (such as principles and procedures).

  • Tan Zhongyi

    Chairman of Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Tan Zhongyi

    Tan Zhongyi is the Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation and a highly experienced individual who has previously worked at Baidu for a decade. During his time at Baidu, he played a key role in promoting the company's open-source projects. He was responsible for establishing and enhancing the overall governance and operational system of Baidu's open-source compliance, as well as internal and external open-source projects. He was instrumental in bringing several noteworthy projects, such as eCharts, bRPC, and Doris, into the foundation. With his vast experience in enterprise open-source projects, Tan Zhongyi has been a frequent speaker at various industry conferences, sharing his insights on a wide range of topics such as open-source compliance, open-source supply chain, internal open-source projects, and enterprise open-source strategy. He has also interacted with IT giants, providing them with valuable advice and guidance on open-source projects.

  • Ma Tao

    Vice Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Ma Tao

    Ma Tao is the Vice Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation and a researcher at Alibaba Cloud Computing Co. Ltd, where he heads the R&D of the operating system. He is also the Chairman of the Anolis OS Community and serves as the Vice Chairman of the Alibaba Open Source Technical Committee.

  • Xiong Wei

    Vice Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Xiong Wei

    Xiong Wei is the Vice Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He established the technical architecture system for Huawei's server operating system. He led the team in designing and building the EulerOS platform, which has become Huawei's internal OS public platform, serving numerous product lines. He established the openEuler open-source community based on EulerOS, and serves as a member of the openEuler Technical Committee. The openEuler community has grown into the largest open-source communities in China and is gradually establishing a relevant industrial ecosystem.

  • Zheng Weibo

    Vice Chairman of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Zheng Weibo

    TOC vice chairman of the OpenAtom Foundation

  • Han Peng

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Han Peng

    Han Peng is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He has over 20 years of experience in software development and project management. He has led the design, development, construction, and operation of several large-scale software system platforms. Since 2015, he has been working as a strategic and technical executive at ChinaSoft International, with unique insight into and understanding of the ICT market and software industry.

  • Jia Lin

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Jia Lin

    Jia Lin is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He has been involved in the project development of UAV and related systems. He has also ported real-time operating systems (RTOS) and flight control software systems onto third-party microcontroller units (MCUs) and microprocessor units (MPUs).

  • Li Yuanwei

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Li Yuanwei

    Li Yuanwei is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is the senior architect of OpenHarmony, primarily responsible for the OpenHarmony OS kernel subsystem, as well as the research and development of industrial real-time operating systems and communication protocols.

  • Luo Wenjiang

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Luo Wenjiang

    Luo Wenjiang is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He has over 30 years of experience in the field, having held various roles including application development, business analysis (BA), system analysis (SA), EPG improvement in CMMI, application architecture management, and cloud computing architecture design. Currently, he is dedicated to building the private, public, China-CPU&OS-based, and hybrid cloud infrastructures for banks. He participates in the planning, technology selection, architecture design, and implementation of related cloud services such as IAAS and container cloud. Additionally, he is responsible for the construction of the security system, including business continuity management and resource governance.

  • Shi Xuefeng

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Shi Xuefeng

    Shi Xuefeng is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is also an R&D efficiency expert at Jingdong Retail, leading the construction of a group-scaled R&D efficiency tools platform and metrics system. He is a member of the JD Retail Technical Efficiency Channel and serves as the leader of the JD Retail Open Source Office Organizing Committee.

  • Tong Yongbo

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Tong Yongbo

    Tong Yongbo is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is also the Director, the Rotating executive president and the CPO of Suirui Group Co., Ltd. He is primarily responsible for product planning, product development management and business operations management of the group.

  • Wang Tao

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Wang Tao

    Wang Tao is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He has focused on researching software development grouping methods and technologies for a long time, and has promoted the integration of collective intelligence mechanism research and platform construction practice. Additionally, he has led several national projects and achieved significant results in efficient sharing of open-source resources, continuous stimulation of open-source communities, and integration of open-source software creation and engineering software production conversion. He has published a tutorial on the practice of software engineering based on open source and collective intelligence, and has also published more than 40 academic papers in high-level journals and conferences.

  • Xie Zhifeng

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Xie Zhifeng

    Xie Zhifeng is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is also the leader and architect of GitCode, the second-generation open-source code hosting platform on CSDN.

  • Xu Yong

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Xu Yong

    Xu Yong is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is also the Executive Director of the Tencent Open Source Office and a Member of the Tencent Technical Committee and Tencent Expert Engineer. In recent years, Mr. Xu Yong has been engaged in software engineering and DevOps and has dedicated his efforts to technical research and practices in fields related to big data and open-source governance. He has promoted open source implementation within Tencent and encouraged the independent open sourcing of Tencent's internal projects. He initiated and established the Tencent Open Source Alliance (TOSA) and the Tencent Open Source Management Office. Additionally, he has made unremitting efforts to facilitate connections and cooperation with domestic and international open-source organizations and communities, enabling Tencent's continuous participation and contribution to open source projects.

  • Ye Xiaobin

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Ye Xiaobin

    Ye Xiaobin is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is responsible for managing the business MKT strategy and technology planning department of iSoftStone Harmony OS. He is also the head of the OpenHarmony ecological co-managed departments.

  • Zhang Lei

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Zhang Lei

    Zhang Lei is a Member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is also the Senior Vice President of UnionTech Software Technology Co., Ltd. He has been engaged in open-source work for a long time and has over ten years of experience in various fields, including the Deepin Community and Deepin OS, Deepin ROM and Deepin Brush Master, UnionTech UOS, OpenAtom Foundation, openEuler Community, Anolis Community, and CCF Open Source Special Committee. In addition to developing open-source software and operating open-source communities, he also leads teams to learn and understand the spirit of open source and participates in the development of open-source software, including in-house intellectual property rights and open-source training for the company.

  • Zhang Qian

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Zhang Qian

    Zhang Qian is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He is also the Vice Chairman of R&D in GitLab, an Apache Mesos committer, and Chairman of the Technical Committee. With over 15 years of experience, he has expertise in cluster management, resource allocation, cloud computing, containerization, and DevOps.

  • Zhang Ye

    Member of the Technical Oversight Committee(TOC)

    Zhang Ye

    Zhang ye is a member of the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) at the OpenAtom Foundation. He has over twenty years of experience in technical infrastructure and has been engaged in IDC technology, internet information technology, and digital advertising technology. In 2016, he joined Qihoo 360 Technology Co., Ltd., where he now serves as the Technical Director of the System Assurance Team for the Commercialization Product Line, Chairman of the Operations and Maintenance Technical Committee, and a member of the Professional Committee.

TOC 导师团


  • 辅导基金会的项目孵化,每季度提交项目孵化报告

  • 定期参加辅导项目PMC会议并在项目毕业时给出意见

  • 可得基金会颁发导师证书和基金会官网个人品牌展现

  • 参加基金会各项公开活动并作为演讲嘉宾出席TOC活动

  • 可作为基金会大会的分论坛出品人

  • 可应邀出席TOC内部的线下或者线上会议,发表意见

  • 表现突出导师可个人身份经基金会投票选举成为TOC成员

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Open Source Security Committee

Open Source Security Committee

The Open Source Security Committee is responsible for the planning, coordinating and implementation of the Foundation's security-related work. Its duties include:

  • Offering advice on open source security to the Foundation and its incubation projects.

  • Making the Foundation's work plan and budget of open source security.

  • Establishing the Foundation's general rules and principles for open source security, including relevant decision-making mechanisms and processes.

  • Initiating open source security-related projects, tools, and platforms needed by the Foundation.

  • Engaging in international cooperation related to open source security.

  • Developing relevant standards for and publishing white papers on open source security.

  • Carrying out the education and promotion of open source security.

  • Finishing other relevant work authorized by the Board of Directors.

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OpenAtom Cloud Community

OpenAtom Cloud Community

By building an open-source and open cloud native technology ecosystem, exploring cloud native technology innovation, promoting the development of cloud native technology in China, and empowering the digital transformation of various industries.

  • Explore and build an open-source ecosystem of cloud native industry software to promote the development of cloud native production industry.

  • Improve the technical usability and reliability of our community.

  • Promote the promotion, use, promotion, and training of open source software within this community.

  • Other authorized scope by the foundation.

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